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that they stopped in another island.

Factory Representative: it was a mistake.

Medicine priest: as that a mistake.

Unemployed tribe member 1: and because it was a mistake.

Unemployed tribe member 2: because they are a few big swindlers who promise and do not expire.

Factory Representative: it is not anything of what you think this construction only it was ….

Medicine priest: that …. A mistake more for you.

Unemployed tribe member 1: do not be like that a mistake anyone commits it.

Unemployed tribe member 2: since it is it you do not put to think that they want to destroy what so much has cost us already they committed the first construction and I do not work.

Factory Representative: because of it we have assembled them to see if we can construct in his lands and in order that they say his worries to us to reach an agreement.

Medicine priest: say to me that we will have class of benefit if they construct his factory.

Unemployed tribe member 1: put to think they will give us work and with other things.

Unemployed tribe member 2: good it of the work this one well but, we do not want that ours children were falling ill with quite this waste, which they will do with the waste.

Factory Representative: good one of the benefits more essential that will give them the factory is a better change of life.

Medicine priest: if it this one clear but that exists with the waste.

Unemployed tribe member 1: The waste can inform or be hot.

Unemployed tribe member 2: Since you put to believe if they bury the waste the land already it will not be good for the trees and our children already will not have shade, they cannot throw the river because the water already will not be able to be drunk.

Factory Representative: good the thing us is like that we as company, we would seek for a solution, to call to the department of health in order that they help us to where we might throw the waste, which they say might negotiate or already there a solution our company I believ

e that already one gave them.

Medicine priest: good to construct his company they will have to vote for many trees but if they seize his company for every tree for that they vote they were sowing three.

Unemployed tribe member 1: good this it is a very good offer they were not voting for the waste to the river and if they fell trees were replacing them by three most our tribe will have work truth.

Unemployed tribe member 2: finally they came to a good solution and now if we all will work out benefited you with his company and us without pollution, and our people will have work, we wait the above mentioned thing is fulfilled.

Factory Representative: it is clear that the above mentioned thing will be fulfilled and thank you very much for having come and our company will be constructed by the promised and thank you very much for having come thank you very much for everything.



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