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the above there are many similarities between Christian values and philosophy with principles that were reflected in the policies of Abraham and his political thought. Even in some of the quotations made a genuine rephrasing of Christian texts, which at least leads us to deduce that it was an assiduous student of the Scriptures. An example is the famous phrase "Better to remain silent and suspicious of your little wisdom to speak and remove any doubt about that." which is almost a direct quote from Proverbs 17:28.


Abraham was raised by a family of Baptist both Tom and Nancy Lincoln, his parents belonged to the Little Mount Baptist Church, near Elizabethtown in the state of Kentucky.

When Abraham Lincoln was seven years old his family moved to Indiana. At age sixteen, Abraham was hired by James Gentry to conduct a gender raft to New Orleans. And he and Gentry's son traded downstream along the coast of sugar. It was on that trip where they were forced to repel the attack by a gang of blacks. They finally reached New Orleans, soon after returning home, his father decided to move again. The farm in Indiana and produced little milk fever threatened their livestock. John Hanks lived in Illinois, where he sent news of those lands. And Thomas decided to go away. After a long trip, the group reached the banks of the Sangamon River in the area near Springfield, Illinois, in 1829. They built their next home...Denton Offutt, a man who took a fancy to Abraham, who hired him on his return from New Orleans to take charge of a store with a mill in New Salem.

And there was Abraham, in July 1831. Lincoln already had twenty years of age, and owned him.

"But I know many things.

He could read, write and count, and even the rule of three, but nothing more. I never studied at a college or academy. What I have in education I have been gathering here and there, under the demands of necessity. "

Political career

He served as captain in the U.S. Army

during the Black Hawk War. Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party of the United States at the beginning of his political career; he served four terms in the Illinois State Legislature. He was elected representative (MP) to the House of Representatives of the United States for the 7th Congressional District of Illinois for the period from March 4, 1847 to March 3, 1849 (the period of a representative in the United States is two years and because of his opposition to American intervention in Mexico Lincoln had to resign to run for reelection). He had a successful practice as a lawyer in Illinois both before and after his term in the House of Representatives. Lincoln had turbulent mood swings alternating between grandiosity and depression, which greatly eased after his marriage to Mary Todd Lincoln in 1842. From this union were born four children, all boys. One died in infancy, long before his father reached the White House. The other son died at the tender age when Lincoln was still pr ...

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