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( Justin Drew Bieber; Ontario, 1994) Singer of Canadian pop whose still incipient musical career has seen best artist already recognized with the prize MTV revelation, which was granted to him in September, 2010. In the same dates, the number of his followers in Facebook was ascending to thirteen millions. And it is that the jovencísimo artist, who expired 16 years on March 1, 2010, has managed in only two years to form a followers' authentic legion in the whole world and to beat records of sales till now unthinkable for a musical debutant.

Son of Pattie Mallette, woman of deep convictions religions that it had to educate him without paternal support, the small Justin showed prematurely his aptitudes for the music: with twelve years it obtained the second prize in a local contest of singing celebrated in Stratford. Little later, his mother had the idea of filming his interpretations and hang them on YouTube. For then, naturally, Justin Bieber was lacking own digest, and Justin Timberlake y Usher was singing famous topics of some of his favorite artists, as Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder.

It can be said that Justin Bieber is another emblematic case of the new generations of artists who arise with and thanks to Internet and to the global maelstrom of the social networks and of the electronic mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. For his videoes in YouTube it was discovered by chance by Scooter Braun (co-owner with Usher of the company RBMG), the one who rapidly put in touch with Pattie Mallette and made him see the enormous potential of his son. Justin effected a recording in Atlanta and little later woke up the interest of the very same Usher. Of the hand of the rapper, Bieber registered for the RBMG and the record Island Records in October, 2008, and, together with his mother, established itself in Atlanta.

The success was meteoric thereafter. Had not yet completedrecording his first album when their first single, One time (July 2009), was placed in the top 20 in the charts

and Billboard Hot 100 Canadian Hot 100 and became platinum in USA and Canada, and gold in Australia and New Zealand. The song, a song of praise from his love letter cleverly combines pop withtouches of R & B and hip-hop, the delicate voice of Justin did the rest.

In November 2009 appeared his first album, My World, which in its first week reach the sixth on the Billboard. From him were extracted three singles also selling: One Less Lonely Girl, LoveMe and Favorite girl. With a fusion of pop and R & B, which has been the influence of Michael Jackson, and promoted by numerous live performances on TV, My World Justin Bieberdefinitely launched to stardom. On Christmas 2009 he sang forBarack Obama and his family in the White House in January 2010 presented the Grammy awards gala, and soon afterlaunched his second album, My World 2.0, which reachednumber one on Billboard in its first week, a milestone neverachieved by an artist of his age since the days of Stevie Wonder.

The new al ...

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