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Currently the language of english is essential.

It is possible to say that it is an instrument of communication in different professions and furthermore (moreover) in the administrative boss since it is indispensable it to understand and To dominate it.

Is importantly in the moment that we need to acquire new equipment’s, devices, machines these instructions already are to love them or for the maintenance of the above mentioned machines they come in the majority in English.

It is indispensable on having realized international business, already be to be still new shareholders, business trips. On not having known happiness language us would imply coming with a translator what would generate costs.

To speak English can be the difference between (among) closing business, to obtain a labor position (place) and to be able to gain (earn) better salary.

Since simply it takes as a premise, the wees that have designed a process of globalization of the organizations and take the English as an important language.

This language serves us in the daily life and not only in the administrative field. On having used the computer, having had foreign friendship, etc.


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