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Biodegradable and compostable packaging materials made from biodegradable polymers (BDP) were introduced

into the market to reduce the amounts of conventional packaging materials. Material recovery by the

municipal organic waste collection system was examined by analysis campaigns of the waste streams organic

residues, packing wastes and MSW. The processing of organic wastes mixed with biopolymeric packaging

items has been tested in a commercial treatment facility. The safe use of the compost produced from these

materials was demonstrated by regular compost analysis campaigns and in a full-scale agricultural application

test. The collection via the municipal organic waste collection worked properly, no increased amount of impurities

was detected. The processing of BDP in composting facilities is possible though it may require some

adaptation measurements to provide optimal source separation. The use of produced composts for agricultural

purposes has no negative effects on plant yields and soil.

KEYWORDS: biodegradable polymer packing, model project Kassel


A model project with biodegradable polymers (BDP), i.e. plastic packaging items, was

launched May 2001 in the German city of Kassel, that was prolonged until December 2002.

The model project was conducted to promote and increase the use of biodegradable packing

articles substituting conventional ones and to scrutinize the recycling paths of these explicitly

labeled packing products via the municipal organic waste collection. The application of

biodegradable materials for packaging purposes was considered to be the most practical

area for their use (Tänzer 2000, Witt et al. 1998). Biologically degradable polymers based

on renewable resources are considered in the German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV,

1998), in the Biowaste Composting Ordinance (BioAbfV, 1998) and it is possible to carry

out a biodegradability test according to a preliminary DIN standard (DIN V 54 900

, 1998)

to determine their compostability. A pilot experiment to introduce packaging made from

biodegradable polymers into the market was carried out to demonstrate that whether or not

it is possible to label biodegradable packaging products plainly and in a recognizable manner

and to motivate consumers to properly segregate these materials after use and place

them into the municipal organic waste bin.

The pilot-scale model project was made possible by a 50% sponsorship from the German

Agency of Renewable Resources (FNR e.V.). The remaining 50% of the costs of the project

were sponsored by producers of the raw material, processing industries and the retail

trade. About 20 companies were involved in the project and actively supported it. Moreover,

local and national retail traders (store chains) also participated in the model project.

The kind co-operation and support of the composting facility Göttingen, the municipal

waste management company “Die Stadtreiniger Kassel” and ...

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