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rstandable that they supported the middle class when they started the revolts.

During the “Porfiriato” great economical transformations caused by foreign inversions took place in Mexico. It appears that foreign commerce had a great impact on it; by the end of the 19th century Mexico exported all kind of raw materials, mainly minerals. Díaz used the tariff as a political instrument; by means of that he substituted some importation supplies such as manufactures destined for the urban consume. This set Mexico as one of the most protectionist countries of the world. According to the National Economical Registers from 1874-1910, the incomes of exportations increased from 27.5 million up to 146 million dollars (Cosío Villegas, Historia Moderna de México. El Porfiriato vida social, 1972). However the main consequence of the Foreign Commerce Policies was that small Mexican factories that supplied manufactures, could not value their products higher than the imported ones; therefore, that sector’s economic development was thwarted.

Another aspect that should be taken in count when we talk about economical changes is the implementation of plenty of services such as the railroad, telephone, telegraph and electricity. These services were improved with capital of foreign investors: the length of railroads was increased from 416 miles up to 15,360 miles distributed principally in the center of the country (ITAM, 1990); the president believed that it was important to improve the transportation methods and make them safer.

As a result of the industrialization process, the telegraph was introduced in 1877; the Morse code was considered useful because it simplified the communication between people in different places and the spread of information. It became much easier to communicate when the telephone, invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, arrived to Mexico; the first years it was only used by the government and the army. By 1893 the first private telephone lines were fo

unded (Ralph, 1973).

The evident progress that Mexico gained in economical and political aspects was not enough to change the concept that other countries had of Mexico: Barbarians. The first action Porfirio took was to participate actively on Universal Expositions. Mexico occupied an important place in New Orleans 1884’s exposition with the “Alhambra Mexicana”. Then in Paris 1889’s with the monumental “Palacio Azteca”, Mexico finally obtained the European recognition (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE), 2010).

The United States tried to influence Mexico; but although it was one of the most important investors and supporters of the “Porfiriato”, President Díaz decided to follow European trends. It can be said that specially the French ones because most of the outstanding architects from that period were from France. The principal architectonical works were “The palace of Fine Arts” by Adamo Boari and Federico Mariscal, “The Postal Palace of Mexico City” also by Boari, “The A ...

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