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Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs Fourth Grade “A”

Draw a circle around the action verb in each sentence. On the line, tell

Whether the verb is past tense, present test, or future tense.


Daniel played baseball yesterday. past tense

He plays baseball every day. present tense

We will go to Daniel's baseball game. future tense

1. Daniel will choose a baseball bat. ______________________

2. He steps up to the plate. ___________________________

3. The pitcher tossed the ball. __________________________

4. Daniel will swing hard. _____________________________

5. The ball struck the bat. _____________________________

6. The ball flies through the air. _______________________

7. It landed over the fence. _____________________________

8. Daniel will run around the bases. _____________________

9. The crowd screams loudly. _________________________

10. He will slide into home plate. _______________________

11. Daniel's teammates cheered. ______________________

12. Daniel smiled proudly. _____________________________

Present - Past Tense Revision

Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense.

1) In 1998, John______________ (visit) Tahiti with a group of friends.

2) This month Tom _________________ (revise) for his exams.

3) Julie is at the cinema waiting for Tom. She _______________ (wait) for 10 minutes.

4) Marie only has half an hour for lunch so she usually ______________ (have) a sandwich.

5) David is a good friend of mine. I _______________ (know) him since I was six years old.

6) At the moment I need to concentrate. I __________________ (do) a grammar exercise.

7) Tom is writing an important report. He _______________(write) 4 pages already.

8) Once a month Caroline _______________ (go) to the hairdresser's to have her hair cut.

9) Last year Peter ________________(travel) all over Australia.


) Next Saturday, Peter ________________(take) Caroline to the theatre.


To complete each sentence, add -er, -est, more or most to the adjective in parenthesis.

Examples: Henry was taller than Francis. (tall)

Today was more pleasant than yesterday. (pleasant)

1. A steak knife is ______________________ than a butter knife. (sharp)

2. David is the _______________________ player on the team. (fast)

3. My drawing is _______________________ than yours. (colorful)

4. I think the book we read today is _____________________ than the

one we read yesterday. (interesting)

5. Katie's _____________________ brother colored on the walls.


6. This week's temperatures are _____________________ than last

week's. (warm)

7. That was the ______________________ test I've ever taken. (difficult)

8. Isn't he the _____________________ little boy you've ever met? (nice)

9. That was a much _________________________ homework assignment.


10. Do y ...

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