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Enviado por:  Maximiliano97  14 enero 2013
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January 7, 2013 3RD ADV

Maximiliano Romo rodriguez

First in my vacations i play very much Xbox with my friends of my street and we go out to all the posadas I smash 2 piñatas but I don’t go to the lasts posadas because I lots of candies, then we celebrate Christmas in my grandma´s house, we hear a lot of music and eat turkey, soup, and bacalao then we go with my other grandma there we eat meat.

The next day we make the recalentado and go to the downtown, the last week of vacations I went to Bucerias (a beach) but we need to go to Guadalajara because we were to stay in a house of an aunt , that day in Guadalajara we go to plaza andares that is like plaza mayor but bigger and better, then we leave Guadalajara and we go to the beach the bad thing was that the first day it was rainy and we don’t enjoy the day but the other 6 days because the water was a little hot and the town was very nice and they were very kind , the reyes magos leave presents for my brother and he was very happy , but I misbehave and they don’t bring me nothing.


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