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Esclavitud En Estados Unidos (Slavery In The Us)

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indentures whites and africans was pretty similar on the tobacco farms, their hard labor made tobacco the largest export. Slaves that attempted to run away were punished by adding years to their servitude.

They start to distinguish servants not because of their status but because of their color.

Race becomes a factor of importance for slavery, by 1665 maryland and new york legalized slavery and declared all children born were to be declared bond or free according to his mother status.

Even when they were free they were mistreated because they were black.

They could not have education, move freely or own property.

So slavery substitues indentured slavery making it the principal economic system in america. Mass new jersey and maryland were societies of slaves

Of the first 13 colinies carolina was the first slave society as it had slavery as its only way of economic production, the more slaves you had the more land you would get, the import of slaves from africa increased without measure they were brought by large numbers some of them died in the trip and they were thrown to the sea.

They were considered as goods, the most valuable were men younger than 20 and the 2nd most valuable women younger than 20

By the 1720s slavery outnumbered whites by 2 to 1.

September 1739 on Charleston the first slave rebellion took place were a group of slaves slayed their white owners and other whites in the are, where other slaves joined them on their fight, unfortunately the Liutenant governor pursuits them, and extinguishes the rebellion. They are decapitated and put their heads on poles to send a message to other slaves.

They create a black code that regulates almost every aspect on their lives.

After the fire on Fort George in NY at 1741, started to fear it was a slave action so lots of black males 14 yo and older were sent to jail, “Quack” a slave married with the governor’s cook was the main suspect, it was unfairly accused of burning down the fort, he and 12 othe

r black men were burned on the stick, 17 hanged.

By 1750 5000 africans a year were imported to america a year, brouth ractically like animals for the unhuman conditions on the ships and the explotation. A hundred years later of the first use of slavery, slavs were from great importance from the development of american states.

Torture and mistreatment was still an every day issue.

There had several ways of pacific resistance, like runnaway, work less effectively, poisoning (not that pacific).

A new culture on plantations begins to grow from people that came from Africa, and those who were born in america, taking in place some aspects of african culture like its music and dancing.

As african people extended over america their society was based on family, having all human feelings and realities in the middle of its situation, which helped them to survive the experience. Which was hard too when family members were separated.

When the american revolution was about to take place again ...

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