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the catholic missionaries.

About of Nogales

The municipality of Nogales is in the North end of the Mexican state of Sonant and is opposite of Mexico with the North American state of Arizona. Of temperate climate, the city registers smooth summers and colds to invier to us, reason why occasionally they appear snowed in the zone.

About of Puerto Peñasco

Located in the coast the northwest of the Mexican state of Sonant, this attractive port has the coast of 110 km throughout the Sea of You cut. Of warm dry climate, it registers a temperature annual average of 27ºC with rains in winter. And he is today one of the favorite destinies of the North American tourists who flee to the south during the forts to invier to us of their home. It is by that to the place also it is known him like Rocky Point.

It counts on 5 airports that estan in:





Puerto Peñasco


The first shield of arms of the organization dates from 1922, but 1944 by deficiency had to be replaced 22 years in later symbolic and the lack of official approval. in the creation of the present shield the historians collaborated eduardo w. villa, architect gustavo aguilar and the sketcher francisco white castle. The 20 of december of 1944 decree officially a new shield, which sometio to substantial modifications in 1987 which serian omitted during presidential term 1991-1997. the elements form that it are: blue bordura with the golden inscription in that says “sonant state”; the internal part superior fragments in three triangular quarters that symbolize the wealth of the state; agriculture and, mining allegorical dance bandaged; in that same basic order and the colors of the national flag stand out. The internal part inferior is divided in two quarters; of the left side cattle raising is symbolized on golden bottom and of the right its literal one; the island shark and the fishing.

Dance of the deer

In agreement with the traditions of the Yaqui tribe, of the state of Sona

nt, several dances are realised, emphasizing among them the traditional dance of the deer; taking like fundamental aspect the movement from the Earth in relation to the sun. The Dancer covers the head with a white linen cloth, that ties almost around the eyes, leaving to backwards fall the angles of the linen cloth; he fits on his skull, a head of deer dissected of regular size, which is adorned with ribbons of red color, giving him to the form of flowers or buns and that according to the philosophy of the Yaqui, they represent the contact with the nature. The deer head subjects with strap in the chin of the executant, in the neck of the dancer, carries necklaces of chaquira of alive colors with crossings of shell of abulón, these crossings in the present times interpret like the fusion of its culture yaqui with the Christian religion, takes it to the torso naked like its feet. With the waist to the knee it is covered with rebozo of woman it holds and it with a wide wool strip of black ...

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