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Resumen En Inglés Del Libro: THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON

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This book talks about the surprising story of a family compounded of the father, his wife Elizabeth and their four sons, Fritz, 15, Jack, 13, Ernest, 11 and Francis, 8 who nobody of them were described in this book, neither fisically, neither in his temperament, etc. The book only talk about all the adventures that a family lived looking for survive in an empty island.

This story is explained by the chief of the family, the father, which name is never said in the book. This man begins explaining that many years ago, his family and him left Switzerland and boarded a ship over the waters of the Pacific Ocean, however, they never imagined that they never could arrive to their destiny (by the way that this fact never is mentioned). Their real final destination was an empty island near New Guinea, where they were forced to establish a colony in order to survive in a unknown place.

During six days, the ship had to face with a violent storm, the wind howled and tore at the sails. On the seventh day, the masts ripped apart and fell into the sea and the ship began to fill with water. All the crew was in panic and began to pray to God. The family Robinson were worried and terrified but they never lose the confidence in God.

Suddenly, the ship crashed into a large rock, and more and more water come in the ship. The captain told them that all was lost and ordered all the crew to go to the boats.

Meanwhile, mister Robinson asked to his family to stay in calm because first of all, the water hadn’t reached them yet, and secondly, they were near a land. He went to check the state of the ship to see what was the best thing to do while his family waited in the hold.

Mister Robinson looked that it is a giant hole in one side where the water was rushing in, so the ship was completely shattered. The crew had just cut loose the ropes of the boats and were pushing off into the sea. He shouted them to come back, but all was unsuccessful, the people disappear

ed in the sea.

So the family Robinson, had one consolation, the ship was safe for at least up to the next morning because it was plugged between two rocks. Probably, the next day, they could reach the shore.

Fritz, the oldest boy, proposed his family to look for something to help them to make some life jackets. In the kitchen, they find some small wooden butter tubs that they tied together, two by two, using towels…and eureka! They had made six life jackets.

The next morning, when the sea was calm, they put on their new life jackets, but his brother Jack advised him that probably he could swim but he and his family couldn’t. He proposed to make a float of rafts and get to the land that way, so he went to look what he could find. Suddenly, Jack opened the doors of the captain’s quarters with two huge dogs, Turk and Flora.

The family saw four casks floating in the water, they cut them in half, made eight tubes, each big enough to hold one person. Then, they nailed two planks on each ...

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