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The Offer and Demand:

Listen and practice.

Conversation A

A: How is offer defined?

B: It’s defined as the amount of goods that producers are willing to supply

C: Yes, at different prices at conditions

D: And it can also be at the amount of products and services available for consumption.

Conversation B: determinants of supply

A. First, the price of the product of the market.

B. Second, the costs of the factors necessary for such production.

C. Market size and volume of demand

D. Availability of the factors.

E. Number of competitors.

F. Quantity of goods produced.

Conversation C: Law of supply

A. What are the determinants of individual offer?

B. They are the cost of production, technological level,

C. Pricing well.

D. What is the supply curve?

E. It’s the graph of the relationship between the quantity of a good offered.

F. And the price of the good.

Conversation D: Demand

A: What`s demand?

B: It is defined as the quantity and quality of goods and services.

C: That can be purchased from different market prices for consumer.

D: What is the price of consumer?

E: Individual application

F: What are the consumers?

G: They are market total demand.

H: Yes, the demand a mathematical function.

Conversation E:

A: What are the determinants of individual demand?

B: Possible price satisfier.

C: Revenues from buyers

D: Prices of substitute goods.

E. Consumer preference


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