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Aplicacion De La Fisica En Efectos Especiales En Peliculas

Ensayos: Aplicacion De La Fisica En Efectos Especiales En Peliculas
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Applied Physics in Special Effects in Movies

María José Guim Izurieta



Mr. Allison Tola



I chose this topic to be developed as my research paper because special effects is one of the inventions that has turned the industry of cinema in such a way that there is no movie nowadays that do not use it at least in one single sketch to make remarkable difference, and make of that single sketch something to last forever in the viewer’s minds. But more interesting is the fact of thinking on how physics can take part of this amazing phenomenon of film to make it work properly and with such precise style.


My Lord for letting me wake up healthy every day and go to bed as well. My parents for giving me all their support at home and in school. Also my friends that helped me with the research paper instead of going out for a drink. Thank all of them for trusting in me.


Special effects artists make things happen in movies that might not normally occur in real life. When the real thing is too expensive, too dangerous or impossible to shoot, special effects artists are brought in. Most of the film industries nowadays use special effects to make their movies more entertaining and cheaper. But, does anyone ever think of the phenomenon of physics that each shot in pictures, or sketch in movies use to develop these special effects?

In the following research paper, the study of physics in every aspect of special effects is the key topic. The fact of watching a winged lion flying over the sky, or a mass of water crashing against a wall, or even a man turning green and strong, are all the kind of special effects that become so real and possible because they apparently don’t break laws of physics.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that special effects are not used in an appropriate way in terms of physics law

s. There are some features in movies in which things like masses of body trespass gates without breaking any bars, seem to be entertaining but difficult to understand. As a matter of fact, laws of physics are present even in those sketches, because events are always connected to them.

Finally, it is my concerning to present the different ways that physics can help special effects to seem so real that audience do not notice, in some cases, whether these effects were used or not in a movie.

Applied Physics In Special Effects In Movies

I. Introduction

II. The Revolutionary World of Special Effects

A. Definition

B. Origins and Development

C. Spread around the world

III. The Digital Era

A. Computers and Cinema

B. Science in Digital Special Effects

C. Special Effects and Animation types and techniques

IV. Physics in Special Effects and Animation

A. Computer Physics

B. Animation versus Physics

C. Physics in DROP, FSim, and AgX

V. Conclusion

VI. Bibliography

VII. Appendix ...

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