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Sleeping Beauty







Thirteenth Fairy

Twelfth Fairy

Old Woman


Old Man


Narrator : Once upon a time there were a king and queen who wanted to have a child.

King and Queen: Ah, if only we had a child!

Narrator: But they never had one. One day the queen was bathing, a frog leaped out of the water onto the land, and said to the Queen.

Frog: Your wish shall be fulfilled, before a year has gone by, you shall have a daughter.

Narrator : What the frog had said came true, and the queen had a little girl who was very pretty.

King: I am so happy with my precious daughter. I want to give a great feast.

Narrator: The King invited not only his family and friends, but also the thirteen fairies in his kingdom. He only had twelve golden plates for them to eat out of, so one of them was not invited. The feast was held with splendor, and the fairies presented their magic gifts to the baby – one gave virtue, another beauty, a third riches, and so on with everything in the world that one can wish for. Suddenly the thirteenth came into the palace really angry.

Thirteenth Fairy: The king’s daughter shall in her fifteenth birthday prick herself with a spindle, and fall down dead. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Narrator: And, without saying another word, she turned around and left the room.They were all shocked, but the twelfth fairy, whose good wish still remained unspoken, came forward, and since she could not undo the evil spell, but only soften it, she said.

Twelfth Fairy: My Queen, it shall not be death, but a deep sleep of a hundred years, into which the princess shall fall.

King: Listen to me all of you! I order you to burn every spindle in the whole kingdom. Nothing will happen to my little daughter.

Narrator: As years passed by, the gifts of the fairies were completely fulfilled on the young girl. She was so beautiful, modest, good-natured, and wise, that everyone who saw her, loved her. One day, when she was

fifteen years old, the king and queen were not at home, and the girl was left in the palace alone. She visited every place of the palace, looked into rooms, and bedrooms, and at last she came to an old tower.

Princess: I have never been into that tower. I will go up and see what`s up there.

Narrator: She climbed up the narrow winding-staircase, and reached a little door.

Princess: I wonder what`s inside that room. I will take a look.

Narrator: A rusty key was in the lock, and when she turned it the door sprang open, and there in a little room sat an old woman with a spindle, busily spinning her flax.

Princess: Good day, old woman. What are you doing?

Old Woman: Oh, come on in, little girl. I am spinning.

Princess: What sort of thing is that, that rattles round so merrily? I want to spin too.

Old Woman: Come near, child, don`t be afraid.

Narrator: As soon as she touched the spindle,the magic spell was fulfilled, and she pricked her finger with it, she fell down on the bed a ...

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