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Click here to see free examples of the type of data that are available in IFDC's fertilizer market-related reports, which are available for purchase (Fertilizer Situation Reports/Other Market-Related Reports in our Publications Catalog) or click here to view a listing and description of these reports.

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IFDC Fertilizer Market-Related Report Descriptions

Most of our fertilizer-market related publications are now available in both PDF and Excel/WordPerfect format. This allows these publications to be transmitted to our customers more efficiently via the Internet as an email attachment.

Regional Fertilizer Situation Reports

(All available in PDF with exception of China. Excel & WordPerfect format also available.)

North America

(32 tables/60 charts) Eastern Europe

(35 tables/53 charts) China

(40 tables/12 charts)

Latin America

(34 tables/50 charts) Former Soviet Union

(35 tables/53 charts) Africa

(47 tables/41 charts)

Western Europe

(34 tables/50 charts) Asia

(34 tables/50 charts)

The Regional Reports include graphs and table illustrating fertilizer trends for 1988/89-1998/99 including these:

Regional Fertilizer Surplus/Deficit by Nutrient

Fertilizer Capacity Tables by Country

Fertilizer Consumption Per Acre of Arable Land by Country

Projected Nutrient Supply and Consumption

Nutrient Production, Consumption and Trade by Country

Historical Fertilizer Pricing

Nutrient Production, Consumption and Trade by Product

Cereal Crop Acreage and Yields by Country

Fertilizer Use by Crop by Country

Other Regional Statistics

North America Fertilizer Capacity Listings by Plant

(All available in PDF & Excel)

Includes plant capacity data for ammonia, nitric acid, urea, ammonium sulfate, nitrogen solutions, phosphate rock, wet-process phosphoric acid, superphosphoric acit, ammoniu

m phosphates, normal superphosphate, concentrated superphosphate, upgraded phosphoric acids, elemental phosphorous, potassium sulfate, sulfate of potash/magnesia, muriate of potash, potassium nitrate, and NPK granulation plants for Canada, United States, Mexico, and Trinidad (34 pages)

Worldwide Fertilizer Capacity Listings by Plant

(All available in PDF & Excel--potash data in Microsoft Access/Wordperfect format)

These reports are based on surveys sent to all known producers of these products throughout the world and incorporates all updates and review comments, press releases, and published reports by capacity. The report includes company names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and contact information for each company as well as current and projected capacities. The data is also presented in tabular form by country and region. ...

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