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Chapter 1 - The Dream

It was a magnificent white hall, with a long narrow entrance to be waiting for me to enter prom; the greatest day of my life. As I entered in with my long ocean blue ball gown, there he stood as if he were just waiting for me.

With his beautiful green eyes, and curly locks that made him stand out from the crowd of people just watching me enter.

He comes forward and holds out his hand.

"Rachel Morgan, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen..."

He then leans, his eyes starting to close, his lips heading towards mine, our noses touch, and...--


Yep, of course. It was only one of those dreams again. She was pretty used to it by now, dreaming about the gorgeous Harry Styles that went to her school, whom she'd been crushing on since 8th grade.

But how would a beautifully perfect guy ever notice an average teenage girl like her?

Rachel woke up with such a gloomy start to the morning that she completely forgot!

It was her 17th birthday today! Yes, indeed it was her birthday, big whoop. The only two presents that would actually make Rachel's day, are;

1. For Harry to ask her out, or

2. To get that new car she'd been dying for.

Even though Rachel had her license and everything,, her parents just didn't think she was ready yet. typical.

After Rachel had brushed her teeth and picked out a cute new outfit for school, she got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast when she heard a loud,


Of course it was her adorable family. "Quick Rach, blow out the candles before the

cake gets all waxy!" said Rachel's little sister Ali.

" Hahaha! Aww thanks guys, but really? Cake for

breakfast?" "Yeah-huh! Thats just how much of cool parents we are." her dad said with a wink.

" Oh gosh! I better get going! Louis probably waiting for me at the bus stop! See you guys later, im off!" Rachel checked her watch and grabbed h

er bag.

“Wait! Don't you wanna see your gift yet?" Yelled her dad.

"Dad, I'm sure it can wait, I'm kinda late---" "No just come you'll love it i promise!" Her mom

interupted and dragged Rachel away.

Rachel's parents were realy cute and lovable, but not the best at buying gifts and she didn't think risking getting yelled at by the strictest teacher in the school for being late to see a gift was the best idea.

But then she saw it. Right infront of her eyes. There it stood.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Thankyou thank you

thank you sooo muchhh!! I love you guys!!"

Rachel shouted with excitement! " Enjoy your ride, and remember to show it to

Louis!" Called her mom. " Oh I will thanks again! Bye guys!"

Rachel said as she got into her new car and drove

off to go meet up with Louis. ...

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