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Which statement is true about the metrics used by routing protocols?

• A metric is a value used by a particular routing protocol to compare paths to remote networks.

• A common metric is used by all routing protocols.

• The metric with the highest value is installed in the routing table.

• The router may use only one parameter at a time to calculate the metric.


Which of the following are primary functions of a router? (Choose two.)

• packet switching

• microsegmentation

• domain name resolution

• path selection

• flow control


A routing table shows an EIGRP route to with a metric of 301440. What other term also describes this EIGRP metric value?

• feasible distance

• reported distance

• feasible successor

• feasibility condition


Refer to the exhibit. Packets destined to which two networks will require the router to perform a recursive lookup? (Choose two.)








Refer to the exhibit. How was the OSPF default gateway entry for R2 determined?

• Default routes are automatically injected by OSPF into all advertisements.

• A static default gateway route is defined in the configuration of R2.

• The default-information originate command is applied on R1.

• The ISP defines the gateway of last resort and automatically passes it to R1 and R2.

• The ip default-gateway command is applied on R2.


Refer to the exhibit. All routers are configured with the correct bandwidth for each link and are running the OSPF routing protocol. The network is fully converged. A host on the network is communicating with a host on the network.

Which path will be used to transmit the data?

• The data will be transmitted via R3-R2.

• The data will be transmitted via R3-R1-R2.

• The traffic will be load-balanced between two paths; one via R3-R2, and the other via R3-R1-R2.

• The data will be transmitted via R3-R2, and the other path via R3-R1-R2 will b

e retained as the backup path.

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