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Enviado por:  galaxypo  09 octubre 2011
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Global warming means the increase in average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. The global warming theory postulates that the temperature has risen since the late nineteenth century due to human activity, mainly due to increased CO2 emissions from the greenhouse effect. The theory also predicts that temperatures continue to rise in the future if they continue these emissions. A major concern is what we as students leave to our descendants habitat within 50 years.

While man alone is to blame for the problems related to existing climate changes in different areas of our planet. Therefore, he is solely responsible for improving the quality of life of people and leaving a better home for our children. Therefore, it is necessary to make the preservation of nature's daily routine. For example, each time you choose a fluorescent light bulb instead of an incandescent, decrease your energy bill and prevent more than 300 kilos of carbon dioxide are emitted into the air during the life of the bulb. Similarly, turning off their electrical outlets not in use, will help to reduce environmental pollution.

But not only citizens of a nation should work to improve the quality of life, but also companies, which have much responsibility. These organizations should review the yelling to prevent water loss, which may also be scarce in a short time, disconnect the unused outlet and disconnect. As for companies that are polluting the air, water and soil, should be aware that in the not too distant nor money can buy water and a pollution-free.

Also, environmental education is strong weapons that will help make citizens more friendly place to live and be able to counter this major problem. Also, remember that education can occur in all ages and all must learn to keep our house.

In conclusion, we must be aware of the enormous challenge that is coming if we keep destroying what little we have. It is also important to remember that the world will not last forever and our

planet is for all to enjoy. ...

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