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Carta En Ingles De Un Restaurante

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‘’Cibo’’ La casa dell'italiano


- Provoleta to oregano $98.00

- Salmon Ceviche $82.00

- Salmon Carpaccio $76.00

- Polenta Tartlets $83.00

- Beef Carpaccio $67.00

- Pil-Pil Oysters Garlic $85.00

- Shrimp Pil-Pil or Garlic $93.00

- Fund Artichoke stuffed shrimp paste $75.00

- Oysters and Shrimp breaded $103.00

- Ceviche Pippin $86.00

- Ecuadorian Shrimp Pil-Pil $90.00

- Assorted Pies Oven (Cheese Mushroom, Cheese Spinach, Pine, Turkey Ham Cheese, Cheese Olive, 2 of each. 10 units in total). $99.00

- Antipasto Fiorita (turkey ham, pork and caramelized, Italian salami, camembert cheese and buttery, stuffed olives craquelet). $99.00


‘’Cibo’’ La casa dell'italiano

Soups and salads

- Tonino's salad (With lettuce, mixed nuts, apples, spinach and tomato, topped with house sauce covered chicken fajitas grilled.)

- Caprese Salad (Typical Italian salad. Mozarella cheese, tomato, fresh basil, olive oil and a touch of salt and pepper.)

- Greek Mediterranean salad (Rich blend of lettuce with black olives, peppers, onions, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, green pepper, red onion and basil, dressed with vinaigrette.)

- Creamy Fet

tuccine with Chicken and Mushrooms

- Traditional lasagna

- Vegetarian Lasagna

- Spaghetti with Garlic and Olive Oil

- Chicken Consommé with Rice (Rich chicken broth with rice, shredded chicken and avocado.)

- Caldo Tlalpeño (With vegetables, chicken and chipotle chile.)

- Sopa Azteca (Traditional and crisp with brown sugar cream cheese and avocado.)

- Minestrone soup (Typical Italian fresh vegetables with parmesan.)

’Cibo’’ La casa dell'italiano

Main Dishes

- Redondo genovese ( Veal stuffed with minced meat, vegetables and egg. All cooked in beef broth ) .

- Alpujarreño dish (potatoes with onion , garlic and green pepper , along with slices of chorizo and morcilla )

- Full single dish (pork accompany a rich couscous , potatoes , peas , berries ... )

- Italian Chicken jacket ( chicken, rosemary , olives and a touch of vinegar) .

- Polpettone ( minced meat roll with vegetables , cooked in the oven with potatoes )

- Chicken Lasagna

- Stewed meat ( beef and diced ...

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