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Some people like living in a big city so they can be right in the heart of the action. Even though the value of properties in a big city is really high, people usually rent apartments or townhomes, or even buy homes. This way, they are always close to everything they need. However, because of the high populations, it might take a long time to get to where they need to go since there’s a lot of traffic. One disadvantage to the traffic in a big city is trying to get on time to school and to work. People have to plan so they don’t have to be stuck in traffic during rush hours. On the contrary, for people who live in the country, traffic is not a problem. Neither is buying a house or land. People can have a big garden and grow their own vegetables. While in the country, people don’t have to worry about their neighbors complaining if they want to dry laundry outside, nor have chickens in their backyard. There is a good chance to get a lot of land for not a lot of money. People usually own a nice, large house with a yard as big as a city block. One disadvantage to his can be the work and responsibility of taking care of it.

Cultural opportunities and entertainment are everywhere in a big city. There are many museums, theatres, sporting events, and galleries that are usually within walking distance and close to each other. The opportunities to learn about different cultures and their customs are many. In the country, if there are different cultures represented, they might tend to isolate themselves from the general population. There is also access to different types of education or learning that a person might wish to pursue. There are community centers which offer courses in new things one might wish to experience for example cooking or photography classes. These classes are not available in the country.

Along with a big city comes a lot of noise and commotion. The noises can include dogs barking, cars driving by, horns, airplanes, alarms and sirens. All these noise

s can keep people awake all night and can make people nervous. In the country, things are more peaceful. There is a better chance to hear a bird chirping than a car alarm going off. Country living is quieter, and everything moves at a slower pace. There is a better chance to relax and rest while living in the country. On the contrary, city life never seems to slow down, not even at night. Usually, there’s plenty to do, with stores, bars, and nightclubs open 24 hours. It seems as if big cities never rest.

Community life is very important when deciding where to raise a family. Small towns are usually known because they are full of joy and color, where everybody knows each other, and people are nice and friendly. There are usually festivals and dances where people gather and celebrate. While living in the country, people talk to their neighbors, and make good friendships which usually last a long time.

While people living in a big city might be also friendly, they might not have the tim ...

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