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Placement of the date, whether left justified, centered or aligned to the right, is up to your discretion, but take the time to write out the entry. If you

choose to list the day, list it first, followed by the month, date and year, as follows: Tuesday, December 13, 2008. (Europeans commonly list the day

before month, so writing a date only in numbers can be confusing. Does a letter written on 4/7/09 date from April 7th, or July 4th?)

Name and address

Your name and address on the cover letter should be the same as the one on your resume. Uniformity in this case applies not only to the address

given, but the way the information is written. If you listed your street as Ave. instead of Avenue on your resume, do so on your cover letter, too.

Your header can be displayed centrally, just like the resume header—including your name in a larger and/or bolded font. But in most cases, the

heading is either left justified or left justified and indented to the far right-hand side of the page.

If you choose to list your phone number, make sure that you don’t list it somewhere else on the page.

Next comes the address of the person you are writing. In many circumstances, you’ll have the complete information on the person you’re trying to

contact, in which case you should list it in this order:

Name of contact

Title of contact

Company name

Company address

Phone number

Fax number

However, in other cases, you have less than complete information to go on. This is particularly true when responding to an advertisement. If you have

an address or phone or fax number but no company name, try a reverse directory, such as Superpages (www.superpages.com), which lets you trace

a business by either its address or phone number.

When you’re trying to get the name of a contact person, calling the company and asking the receptionist for the name of the recipient (normally, though not

always, head of HR) may work. But usually, c

ompanies don’t list this information because they don’t want you calling at all. So if you call, be polite, be

persistent, ask for a contact name, say thank you and hang up. Don’t identify yourself. If you have questions, wait until the interview.

If you don’t get all of the info, don’t worry. There are several salutations to use to finesse the fact that you’ve got no idea who you’re addressing. Some

solutions are:

To whom it may concertion: A bit frosty, but effective.

Dear Sir or Madam: Formal and fusty, but it works.

Sirs: Since the workforce is full of women, avoid this outdated greeting.

Omitting the salutation altogether: Effective, but may look too informal.

Good morning: A sensible approach that is gaining popularity.


Unlike the resume, the cover letter offers the writer significant room for flexibility. Successful cover letters have come in various different forms, and

sometimes those that break rules achieve success by attracting attention. But most don’t. Here are som ...

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