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Ensayo Sobre La Legalizacion Del Aborto

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like human rights and other are affected or directly included. This abortion legalization has been approved about 2 years ago, in the Colombian government, under certain circumstances, liked if a girl is under14 years and if she has been reaped o if the baby has bad health conditions or if the baby has bad formations in her body.

During the last years scientist have been making several studies trying to prove how the abortion legalization should be avoided because the baby after the 15 days of pregnancy already feels, and that anyways it hurts to the baby when something it’s done to him or her.

First, the religion its opposing to it because they refer to God as “life’s owner”, so he’s the only one that can decide if anyone lives or not, and also because they believe in abstinence and avoiding premarital sexual contact.

On the other hand, organizations pro-life as human rights, are against this situation because they also say that everyone living has as primary right to live, so how are we going to forbid a baby to live, when they’re already alive and they can feel.

And the ethical doctors, such as the ones who take care of life, support with medical and scientifically facts that babies can feel, and by the way that doctors can’t be against life because that’s what they are trying to keep and improve in someone living; life.

My personal opinion of the abortion is, that we are not able to decide for a person’s life, that any way or another, there’s a life inside the mother, and I don’t think it’s fair to just kill a baby because he or she wasn’t planned and it’s hard to think there are people okay with that because any way or another where just nobody to decide whether a person should or shouldn’t be born or living.

I just think that people should reevaluate the moral and scientifically aspects that this legalization procedure, because if maybe that baby its product of a reaped it can be barely understandable, but if it’s because the girl it’s too young, I think

that can lead to the young girls to be irresponsible and be “supported” by the government, and basically I also think that if the reason of the abortion it’s a bad formation of the baby, the 95% of the babies that are established to be ill, they born healthy and got a good way of living and life style, so there can be plenty of exceptions, where is obviously that either the government or anyone has the right or deciding if a baby should live or not. ...

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