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The body of the essay will include three (3) paragraphs, each limited to one main idea that supports your thesis.

The final paragraph, conclusion, will summarize your main points and reassert your main claim.

Read more about writing a five-paragraph essay at the following website: http://homeworktips.about.com/od/essaywriting/a/fiveparagraph.htm


Choose 5 topics you are interested in. Write an expository essay of each topic chosen. Post in the Assignment Dropbox.

1. Explain why someone you know should be regarded a leader.

2. Describe some of the characteristics of effective leaders.

3. Convince a famous person to be a guest speaker in our class.

4. Describe a useful procedure for making decisions.

5. Describe three basic skills and attitudes that are important on the job.

6. Describe the major stressors in professionals’ lives.

7. Explain why you like (or do not like) to work in a team.

8. Describe the likely consequences of doing poorly in a job.

9. Explain why workers do drugs.

10. Describe the likely consequences of selling drugs in your job.

11. Explain the likely consequences of being kicked out of a job. What do you recommend that the person should do? What would you do?

12. Explain why it is helpful to organize your materials and activities at your job.

13. Describe three things you would like to change about the world and explain why you would change them.

14. Select three objects that symbolize our culture and explain why you selected them.

15. Explain why you are interested in a particular career.

16. Explain the likely consequences of requiring employees to wear uniforms.

17. Explain three benefits of knowing how to type.

18. Explain three likely consequences of not knowing how to use a computer.

19. Explain three reasons computers are becoming increasingly popular.

20. Explain how one of your interests mig

ht eventually become part of your career plans.

21. Explain three ways you can get the most from your money.

22. Describe three basic skills and attitudes that are important on the job.

23. Describe three ways computers have affected your life.

24. Explain how you can learn more about today's job market.

25. Describe a useful procedure for making decisions.

26. Describe how you felt when you finished the best project you ever did, and mention the project you did.

27. Explain three advantages of speaking a second language.

28. People communicate with a variety of signals such as facial expressions, voice inflection, and body postures in addition to words. Sometimes the messages being sent seem contradictory. Think about a time when someone seemed to be sending a contradictory message. Now explain how people can send conflicting messages.



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