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Estudio De Mercado De Nextel

Ensayos de Calidad: Estudio De Mercado De Nextel
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were going into bankruptcy and needed to do something immediately, so they studied the market to know that they needed to change, getting to be leaders of business communication.

Let's move on the importance of the training


I've divided my presentation into three parts.

Point one deals with the primary market research.

B. Primary market research

For nextel relaunched its brand to the market, had to do many things, and they did staring market research, collecting primary data from customers and what they wanted for their benefits.

Let's move on the secondary market research

C. Secondary market research

After analyzing each client, nextel has see all their data to know what position they were, and also know that the consumer asked for your best satisfaction.

I’ll to answer

what was the market research process like? Mention the types of market research used.

Nextel used a variety of primary methods as it prepared to relaunch its brand.

One of the methods was the personal interview, knowing the views of their products and services. Testing gives direct feedback on how customers will respond before lauching a service.

Other method was conducted focus groups to understand consumer responses.This was followed by quantitative research to provide representative findings.


Let me just star by introduce myself, I´m Eddy Alarcon.

Today, I’m going to talk about outcomes of marketing research.

I’ll begin by answering

what were the outcomes from the market research in terms of results collected for example? what has this relaunch involved?

In the focus groups wanted customers Nextel That To Be fair and honest, they know that Nextel offers quality products and technology.

However, customers also expect Nextel be innovative and provide them with more promotions.

The market research performed proposals, so the reaction of the product, in this way,it informed the produc

t development process.Escuchar

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I've divided my presentation into two parts.

The first part is the brand positioning.

D. Brand positioning

When Relans nextel decided they did not do so in an ordinary way, and that LANSA offers as much as possible of offers, prices, etc. can ofrese a telephone company. Nextel went on the market yet and thus succeeded in conquering the Peruvian market.

The second part is the promotional mix.

E. Promotional mix


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I’ll to answer the following question.

What do you consider to be the main strengths and possible weaknesses of relaunching this brand?


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