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Evaluacion De Ingles 3 Secundaria

Ensayos Gratis: Evaluacion De Ingles 3 Secundaria
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Complete the text with the past simple tense of the verbs in parentheses.

Yesterday Julio and his brother __________ (go) to the movies. They

______________ (watch) a horror movie. They ___________ (eat) pop corns

and ______________ (drink) a soda. After the movies, they ____________

(visit) their grandmother. She ____________ (invite) them to have dinner. They

___________ (have) a good time at their grandmother’s house.

Complete the following sentences with words in the box.

________ was Benito Juarez? He was a president.

________ did you go last Friday? I went to Acapulco.

________ did you visit Acapulco? Last Friday.

________ did you do yesterday? I visited my grandmother.

________ did you buy a cake? Because it was my mother’s birthday.

Write 1 to 5 to order the sentences and make a story.

_____ Finally, we took the bus and came back home.

_____ Then, we ate sandwiches and drank sodas.

_____ First, we saw many animals as giraffes, a lion, chimpanzees, big elephants and enormous hippopotamus.

_____ After that, we played soccer with other boys in the park.

_____ Yesterday I went with my friends to a zoo.

Order the sentences to make questions and answer them with your information.

wash / Did / you / uniform / last Friday / your

________________________________________? _____________________

yesterday / your mother / cook / Did / dinner

________________________________________? _____________________

visit / your / Did / you / grandmother / last weekend

________________________________________? _____________________

English / do / homework / you / Did / your

________________________________________? _____________________

Complete the sentences, use was, wasn’t, were, weren’t.

a) Mariana ______________ at home yesterday afternoon. She was at the office.

b) Rober

t and Mario ______________ at the soccer game. They weren’t at home.

c) I ____________ doing my homework. I was watching T.V.

d) My brothers _____________ listening to music. They were dancing.

Order the words to form a sentence.

a) the father/was/Miguel Hidalgo/of Independence


b) soccer/Juan/with his friends/Last/played/Saturday


c) didn’t/Mariana/do/homework/her/English


d) my math/didn’t/study/ I /for/exam


e) developed/Luis Pasteur/“pasteurización”


f) talented/ was/scientist/He/a/


What was Robert doing at different times yesterday? U ...

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