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Examen Del Primer Bimestre De Inglés 3 Secundaria

Ensayos y Trabajos: Examen Del Primer Bimestre De Inglés 3 Secundaria
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Examen correspondiente al primer bimestre

3er grado


Group: ________ Date:______________________________ Aciertos___________/33


Examen_________ Tareas_________ Participación_________ Final _________


REPORT PAST EVENTS: Complete the following story using the verbs in brackets in the correct tense. __________/13

Hi Jenny,

Canada is just great! You have to come and have fun here!

Yesterday I _______________ (go) to the Niagara Falls and I _______________(have) an incredible day there! First, I _______________ (take) a boat trip near the falls. They are amazing! Next, I _______________ (see) The warrior 3 at the Imax Theatre there. The movie _______________ (be) good and I really _______________(enjoy) it. After that, I _______________ (visit) a technology museum. You can find the latest technological discoveries there. Then I _______________ (be) a bit tired so finally, I _______________ (dinner) at Skylon Tower restaurant. I _______________ (ask) for a salmon and a potato pie and for dessert they _______________ (bring) me Canadian butter tarts. I _______________ (eat) too much. I _______________ (drink) a Gize Mineralwater and _______________ (feel) much better. I’m having a great time here.

Write soon,


Complete the text about Pablo Picasso’s life using the past form of the verbs in the box. ________/10

Go Marry Change Be Die Have Show Make Can Can

Pablo Picasso was born on October 25th, 1881, in Málaga, Spain. He____________ his genius from a very young age. He _______________ draw before he _______________ talk. His father _______________ an art teacher, and Pablo _______________ with him to work and watched him paint. He _______________ his first trip to Paris in 1900. Picasso’s work _______________ ideas about art around the world. He _______________ twice and _______________ four children. He created over 6,000 paintings, drawings

and sculptures. He _______________ of heart failure during an attack of influenza in 1973.

Write questions and answers about Pablo Picasso ______________/5

1. Where and when was he born? _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________? His father was an art teacher

3. Did he travel to Paris in 1909? _____________________________________________

4. _____________________________________? Yes, he married four times.

5. ____________________________________________? He died in 1973

Order the following questions. ____________/5

1. party/ did/go/you/to/ the/?/____________________________________________

2. go/you/did/with/?/who/ ____________________________________________

3. what time/it/?/did/finish/ ____________________________________________

4. drink/you/did/?/much/ ____________________________________________

5. when/last/was/the/?/party/____________________________________________ ...

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