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Examen Parcial De Ingles Tercer Semestre

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Name:___________________________________ Schedule:______________________

Teacher:_________________________________ Date:___/___/___ ID:___________

Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Instructions: Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. I ____ my homework right now.

a. do b. does c. am doing

2. What do you usually ____ for breakfast?

a. eat b. eats c. eating

3. No, thank you. I never ____ coffee at night.

a. drink b. drinks c. am drinking

4. Sara always ____ chocolate cake for parties.

a. make b. makes c. is making

5. Are you ____ pizza for lunch?

a. have b. has c. having

6. It's always hot and humid here, so farmers ____ a lot of rice.

a. grow b. grows c. are growing

7. Matthew isn't here now. He's probably ____ his friend.

a. visit b. visits c. visiting

8. The teacher never ____ us difficult homework.

a. give b. gives c. is giving

9. Wheat ____ a staple food in North America.

a. are

b. is c. is being

10. Many people ____ bread every day.

a. bake b. bakes c. are baking

Instructions: Read the article then choose the correct answer.

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