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Huckleberry Finn (resumen)

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Huckle started telling is story, he told us all about his adventures. He was a friend of tom sawyer. One tom asked him to day; to make a gang with him the gang would kidnap, steal. The women and men steal and kill; they said that in one week they would see each other again.

Huckle didn’t go to the meeting with tom because in his opinion it wasn’t correct to do all those things. He sold his gold coins to the judge and judge death in order to do far, so he killed a pig and scattered the blood. Then he escaped in a canoe

He met Jim and told him that Widow Douglas wanted to sell him for $800 so he escaped. He considered that he was rich because he thought that he was worth $800.

Today he found and he slept a cave there with Jim. The next day they found a house. They saw that the owner of the house was dead, so they have a idea then they went fishing, the caught a big fish and ate it all, but Huckle want to go to town the lession, he will never throw things fast and never put his legs toge their to do it.

So he dresses as a girl he goes to the town and visits a woman but she knows that he isn’t a girl. She didn’t tell anybody about him and gave him food, he learned the lession he will never throw things fast and never put his legs toge their to do it.

Huck and Jim travel down the river at night because it’s safer. One night they see an old broken steamboat. Huck looks inside and sees a man with a gun who is going to kill another man. Huck and Jim steal the men’s boat and get help. The next night, Huck and Jim get lost in the fog and they can’t find each other.

The following night, two men with guns approach their raft, looking for Jim. Huck convinces them that he is with his sick father. The men are afraid and go away. The following night, a steamboat hits the raft and destroys it. Huck is convinced that Jim is dead.

Huck finds Jim, who has a new raft and they continue down the river. They meet two men, who say they are a king and a duke. The king org

anizes a theater show in the next town and many people pay money to see him. The show is very bad and the people are angry, but the king and duke are happy because they have made a lot of money.

Next, the king and duke pretend to be the brothers of a man who has just died and left a lot of money in his will. They try to trick the man’s daughters out of the money and their home, but Huck is unhappy about this and helps them.

Jim is captured by Mr. Phelps and taken prisoner at his farm. Huck goes to the farm and Aunt Sally thinks that Huck is actually Tom Sawyer. Huck pretends to go into town to get his bags and meets Tom on his way to the farm. At first, Tom thinks Huck is a ghost, but when Huck explains all about his adventures, they decide to help Jim to escape together.

Tom pretends to be Sid Sawyer and they begin planning the escape. Huck suggests stealing the key, but Tom wants to do it the difficult way, like in the stories he has read.

Huck and Tom continue with the ...

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