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D Gravity moves loose rocks and they settle on the ground.

9 Which sequence best describes the order of steps in forming some types of fossils?

A soft body parts decay, minerals replace the soft parts, sediments settle on top

B rock erodes, fossils lie at surface, sediments cover remains, rock layers form

C sediments cover hard parts, rock layers form, rock erodes, fossils lie at surface

D sediments settle on top, soft body parts decay, sediments harden into rock

10 Fossils of giant sea turtles that lived long ago have been found in South Dakota. What did scientists learn from that?

A Sea turtles used to live in much drier areas.

B A shallow sea once covered what is now South Dakota.

C Forces moved rocks from areas where oceans once were to South Dakota.

D Other animals that ate sea turtles carried their remains to South Dakota.

11 How are time periods in the geologic time scale organized?

A Newer layers of rock generally form below the older rock layers.

B The time scale is unrelated to the ages of layers of sedimentary rock.

C The oldest rock layers are found at the top of the geologic time scale.

D The geologic time scale is divided into four major time periods or eras.



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Chapter 8 Test



12 Some igneous rocks cool slowly below Earth’s surface. What forms during this process?

A large crystals

B glasslike structures

C lots of gas bubbles

D tiny crystals

13 Some igneous rocks cool quickly above Earth’s surface. What features do they have?

A large crystals

B separate layers

C hot, gooey globs

D tiny crystals

14 Which type of rocks form as a result of heat and pressure?

A igneous

B fossils

C metamorphic

D sedimentary

15 Why do some metamorphic rocks split into flat sheets and slabs?

A The

minerals are arranged in parallel layers.

B The size of the crystals changes.

C The shape of the crystals changes.

D The chemicals in rocks form new types of minerals.

16 What are the two ways igneous rocks form during the rock cycle?

A weathering and erosion

B heat and pressure

C cooling slowly and cooling quickly

D forming layers and wearing away

17 Which statement is true about the rock cycle?

A All rocks complete the rock cycle, but it may take a very long time.

B The rock cycle follows this order: sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic.

C During the rock cycle, every rock spends time above and below Earth’s surface.

D The rock cycle is driven by heat, pressure, reactions, weathering, and erosion.



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Chapter 8 Test



18 Describe how the strea ...

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