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La Importancia De La Administración Estrategica

Ensayos: La Importancia De La Administración Estrategica
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The importance of strategic management

We cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of strategic management in good corporate governance (remember good governance = good management). In fact, we believe corporate governance should be an integral part of the strategy process.

So our Third Golden Rule of corporate governance is that good corporate governance requires an effective strategic management process to be in place.

By this we mean that the company is organized and run according to rules which

• set a goal which matches the duly considered expectations of the stakeholders

• work out a feasible strategy to achieve that goal

• put in place an organization which can carry out the strategy and attain the goal

• set up a control and reporting function to permit management to drive the organization effectively and make necessary adjustments to the strategy or even the goal

Anything less rigorous than the above strategic management definition will only achieve success by accident and will be vulnerable to all kinds of unexpected events. As we discussed on our best corporate governance practice page, good corporate governance is, or should not just be about compliance and risk management, but - more positively - good management. So let us explore for a moment the critical importance of strategic management to overall good management.

As Harvey MacKay said, "Failures don't plan to fail; they fail to plan" (based on an old military proverb). And Thomas Edison famously said "Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning." Examine any successful business and you will observe the high and disciplined level of planning which incontrovertibly led to that success - and the world is full of failures who failed to plan. Even many that have subsequently failed often did so because the importance of strategic management within the organization diminished and with it the essential structure and visibility required to achieve

goals and avoid pitfalls.

We planned this website itself for weeks before we even wrote a word and while content varies and is continuously added, we are very clear about what we want to achieve from it, how we will get there and regularly check progress towards those goals. Because of this, although at the time of writing we have completed less than a third of the initial sitemap, we are already being picked up by the search engines and receiving modest traffic (all for less than no marketing or promotion, even to friends and family).

This once again proves the importance of strategic management even on a small scale. Without this process the site, like so many websites and businesses, would still be on the drawing board or worse, in our heads while we think about all the good we know we can do with our applied corporate governance approach. Permit us to go into a bit more detail to illustrate, we sat down and did a mini strategy consisting of:

• Setting detailed goals for content ...

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