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Write the questions to the answers.

1. _____________________________________? My name is Peter Jackson.

2. _____________________________________? I am from Toronto, Canada.

3. _____________________________________? I live in San Antonio, Texas.

4. _____________________________________? My address is 429 Rodeo Ave.

5. _____________________________________? I´m 27 years old.

Complete the paragraph using the following words.

Brother – Airport – Hospital – Nurse – Sister – Pilot – Driver – Secretary – Taxi – Office

This is my _______________ Tom and this is my _______________ Jenny. Tom is a _______________. Now, he is in the _______________. Jenny is a _______________. She is at the _______________. My parents are Charlie and Martha, he is _______________ and he is in the _______________ and my mother is _______________ and she is in the _______________ now.

According to the above text, answer the questions

1. What is the profession of my brother?_______________________________________.

2. Who is in the taxi?_______________________________________________________.

3. Where is my mother?____________________________________________________.

4. Who is a nurse?_________________________________________________________.

Write A or AN according to the word

_____apple _____mouse _____lettuce

_____turtle _____ant _____bird

_____garlic _____elephant _____onion

_____avocado _____chair _____eagle

Write sentences with the following vocabulary







Order the words in a correct w


1. Favorite/yellow/my/and/doll/red/is/pink


2. White/is/a/book/brown/this/and


Complete the paragraph about JENNY with verb TOBE in present tense. Choose the correct answer.

My name (1)_______Jenny. I (2)_______thirteen years old. I (3)_______in 7th grade. My class adviser is Ms. Stevens. Our new school (4)_______great!

We (5)_______happy in our school.

1. A) are

B) is

C) am

D) was

2. A) Is

B) am

C) are

D) were

3. A) Is

B) are

C) was

D) am

4. A) Were

B) was

C) is

D) are

5. A) Are

B) is

C) am

D) were

Read the text and complete the sentences.

Welcome to Tappan Zee Middle School!

Hello. My name´s Diane. I´m in my school in Tappan, New York. I´m in 7th grade.

In the United States, school days are very busy. In 7th grade, there are seven subjects: math, English, social studies, scienc ...

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