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Analisis De La Pelicula ''The Insider''

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Movie tittle: The Insider


Jeffrey Wigand is a former executive of Brown & Williamson tobacco industry. Despite risking his own family, Jeffrey decides to report chemical manipulations that the company makes in its cigarettes to encourage addiction to snuff. Lowell Bergman, producer of the television program "60 Minutes" is contacted with Jeffrey for a media allegation of malpractice Brown & Williamson. However, implementing the program faces many interests.

The movie begins by showing the life of Jeffrey Wigand who is unexpectedly thrown the executive position that developed in the Brown & Williamson tobacco industry, which is why his life was adrift, not knowing who will be their future and above all monetary and health care of your family. Being threatened by his former bosses to not break a covenant of silence that greatly compromise the tobacco companies, Jeffrey decides to break such a huge deal and report irregularities were carried out while he was working in the industry. This resort to Lowell Bergman who will offer an exclusive interview on his program "60 minutes" to tell the truth at any cost. But many interests endanger the history and credibility of Jeffrey.

Story Map:

Setting: Estados Unidos (1999)

Characters: Lowell Bergman, Jeffrey Wigand, Deborah Wigand, Mike Wallace, Liane Wigand, Barbara Wigand, Don Hewitt, Sharon Tiller, Debbie De Luca, Eric Kluster, Richard Scruggs, Ron Motley, Helen Caperelli, B&W CEO Thomas Sandefur, Seelbach Hotel Manager

Plot Events

1. Problem: Jeffrey Wigand decided to tell the world what the seven major tobacco Brown & Williamson office companies knew and concealed about the dangers of their product.

2. Beginning (rising action): Jeffrey Wigand leaves his Brown & Williamson office, returning home to his wife Liane and two children, both of whom have serious medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment. When Lian

e asks about the boxes in Wigand’s car, he reveals that he was fired from his job.


3. Climax: Lowell Bergman convinces him to meet at a hotel in Louisville. In the privacy of her hotel room, will translate documents snuff, but insists that he can’t talk about anything else, because of their confidentiality agreement.

Falling Action

4. Bergman visits Wigand's house the next day, and contends that revealed nothing to Brown and Williamson. Bergman says Wigand has to decide for itself whether to sue Big Tobacco. Bergman returns to CBS headquarters in New York, where he and Wallace discussed Wigand situation and the potential damage that could do to Big Tobacco.

5. The family moves to a house Wigand newer, more affordable, and Wigand began teaching chemistry and Japanese at a Louisville high school. One night, while sleeping, by her daughter alerted to sounds outside the house. The next night, Wigand and Bergman dinner together, where Bergman asks Wigand on incident ...

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