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TEST OF Who Moved My Cheese?






Who Moved My Cheese?, Is a book that helps you to reflect on the changes we have to make throughout our lives, is an entertaining story the author gives us tips on how to deal with change, not to stagnate in mediocrity or outright be outdated in the world, because this world is constantly changing, but there are still people who refuse to receive this change such as technology as a medium that makes the job easier and troubleshoot problems and help you communicate more quickly and effectively, but still refuse to change and communities also shun this, and after people who misuse this medium to wrongdoing and create problems in society.


This story is divided into three parts:

The first where the author mentions the characters which are two Lilliputians which are imaginary beings such as elves, gargoyles, which are tiny beings that come from Lilipus country, and called Hem and Haw and two mice which are Snoop and Scurry, which in my opinion, it's me at certain times of my life, because I'm like HEM sometimes afraid of change, or as HAW afraid to change but when I learn to adapt to the circumstances of the time and sometimes I feel like Snoop I detect a change soon or sometimes as elusive I hasten to action or upon change, but in my personal life I identify with HAW was initially in a moment of comfort or my cheese or my comfort zone, but the moment my cheese just first tube fear the changes it could bring me in my life, until I decided to navigate the maze and find my cheese again, I think so far I've found, but I'm not content to follow this area comfort but I continue walking the labyrinth, so incase my cheese disappears again I have paths where to find it again.

The second stage is when M

ichael meets his college friends and a night before they had had a meeting with his former teammate, and telling their life he decided to tell the story of Who Moved My Cheese?, so their friends were skeptical and smile its history until the counted and all were identified with some of the characters mentioned above, which begins in a town so far lived Hem Haw, Sniff and Scurry, who toured one day at a time maze to find cheese of your choice, which are the Lilliputians which to see the amount of cheese, changing his residence to the reservoir Q, where they felt their comfort zone, hung up their running shoes and set out to eat cheese that was in abundance, while the mice were still doing the same old routine, along the same road every day, after eating their fill of cheese, until you deposit the Lilliputians started writing conformism phrases like "having cheese makes you happy "," the more important is the cheese for one, but want to keep "to name a few, had partie ...

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