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Las primeras actividades formales de investigación de operaciones se dieron en Inglaterra durante la segunda guerra mundial, cuando se encomendó a un equipo de científicos ingleses la toma de decisiones acerca de la mejor utilización de materiales bélicos.

Cuando la guerra termina, las ideas que habían sido formuladas en operaciones militares se adaptan para el mejorar la eficiencia y productividad del sector civil.

Hoy en día, la investigación de operaciones es una herramienta dominante e indispensable para tomar decisiones.


Un elemento principal de la investigación de operaciones es el modelo matemático. Aunque la solución del modelo matemático establece una base para tomar una decisión.

Se deben tener en cuenta factores intangibles o no cuantificables, por ejemplo el comportamiento humano, para poder llegar a una decisión final.

History of Operations Research

Over the last 10 years, we have taken intersecting paths along the complex network that denes the background, development, and worldwide acceptation of OR as a scientic-based profession that is directed at resolving decision problems in business, government, industry, and society. Prior to these travels, we both spent our careers (and still are) in consulting,teaching, and related research.

So, it is tting to ask, what do we nd in the pursuit of thehistorical aspects of OR that make it of interest to us and, we hope, of interest to you? Butrst, we discuss some brief background on the origins of OR and how we became interestedin that area:

OR had its origins in the late 1930s when a group of British Royal Air Force ocers and civilian scientists were asked to determine how recently developed radar technology could be used for controlled interception of enemy aircraft. The task required scientists from various disciplines to leave their academic and laboratory settings and participate in eld o

perations, testing, and evaluation. This embryonic but seminal applied research activity was followed by the formation of OR groups to investigate military problems encountered by the services on land or sea, or in the air. The resulting methodological approach was called operational research in the United Kingdom and operations research in the United States. The salient feature of this research activity was to bring scientists from diverse disciplines directly into the eld to solve operational military problems and make related tactical and strategic recommendations. Throughout World War II (WWII), on both sides of the Atlantic, OR groups analyzed critical military problems. The solutions they produced led to changes in

military strategy and tactics that greatly improved results. OR helped the Allies win the war.

At the end of WWII, the U.S. military services, recognizing the wartime contributions of OR, continued their support of OR groups with the problems focusing on logistics, c ...

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