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Frequency adverbs

There is / there are

Some any

Simple present

Present continuous

Adjetive order

Aparance y personality

To be / going to

Should / shouldn´t


Scanning y skimming

Facts or opinions

Predicting out comes


Brainstorming ideas


Stanting alert


Vertebrate animals

Invertebrate s animals

Chracteristics and groups


Roman numbers

Multiplications and divisions

Problems with multiplications and divisions

Guide to 3rd bimonthly exam


I.- complete the sentences using before or afther

1.- Jonh take a shower before the eats breakfast

2.- he feeds chiken after he eats breakfast

3.- he rides horses before he feeds cows

II.- draw according to the instructions

1.- Ronald has short curly hair. He has big green eyes, small nose and a smilly mouth


I make my bed (ofthen)

I make often my bed

I domy homework in the afternon (always)

I domy always homework in the afternoon

IV.-complete with the words in the box

1.-I´m the best in the school. I always get 10 I´m very wise.

2.- I don´t like other people and neyer help them. I´m mean

3.-People like my hair on eyes. I´m beautiful

4.-I always share what I love I´m generous


Vertebrates:have aske leton on the inside and a backbone on spires. Bertebrates differin many ways according to the group they belong skin limbs how they feed their babies.

I.- draw the animal and complete the expressions with the word from the box

1.- a crocodrile is covered with scales.

It use its legs to move.

It use its lungs to breath

2.- a cat it has a fur on the body.

It uses legs to move.

It uses its lungs to breath

3.- a bird it has feathers on the body

It uses wing to move

It uses its longs to breath

4.-A fish is covered with scales on the body

It moves

with fins

It uses its gills to breath

Invertebrates: they dont have bones on the inside and no backbone. All invertebrates are oviparous I inside the larges group po invertebrates.

II.-label the pictures

Alacrán no limbs mussles and ofther crustaceans

1.-this exoskeleton 1.-they have a shell

2.-it has legs 2.- they don´t have limbs

3.-it lives on land 3.-they live in the ocean

4.-it is oviparous 4.-they are oviparous

III.-use the words to table the diagram ...

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